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Travel the River Lesse in kayak 
You can take the kayak or canoe to go down the River Lesse. Solo, duo or with family, you will find exciting moments with the calm of nature, beautiful scenery and moments of exhilaration passing waterfalls.  Your appetite for adventure will be satisfied. 
Departure from Houyet (4 km from the lodge)
Two trails:
Houyet-Anseremme: 22 km
Gendron-Anseremme: 11 km
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Perform rock-climbing
An exceptional site for fanatic rock-climbers. The renowned site of Freyr is just 12 km outside Ferage. These rocks are the highest and largest to be found in Belgium. The overall site has more than 600 different routes with every style and level of difficulty for anyone. The popularity has made Freyr internationally famous.
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Take a trail by foot
Houyet Tourist Office provides a trekking map of 22 trails that range from 4 to 13 km. With this map, you can easily explore throughout the Lesse Valley with confidence.
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Visit the town of Namur
Forty-five kilometres from the lodge, Namur, the capital of Wallonia region is one of the oldest towns in the region. The town is found at the confluence of the River Meuse and the River Sambre and at the foot of its famous Citadel. Namur has become an extremely attractive provincial town through its rich history and culture, pedestrian zones, pleasant squares and small restaurants.
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Communicate with the trees…
A call to our natural instincts…
Have you ever thought of how much we may be blinded or deafened in front of the scale of Mother Nature? Ferage is the ideal place to get in touch with your natural side that you may tend to hide in hectic city life.
See the incredible trees of Belgium
A linden tree, several centuries old, spreads and reigns over Ferage square just in front of "La Source de Manon". A few hundred meters from the lodge, the park around Ferage Castle contains an 800 year-old oak tree.
Listen to the deer call…
Mating season…  
Around twenty years ago, some deer were reintroduced into the nearby forestland. To call the female deer (the males are surrounded by several females), they perform their mating calls. 
This event is a must-hear.
 However, this mating season is rather short: around the 5th to the 27th of September.
To book mountainbike or citybike :

Please contact M. Vanacker
0032 477/ 35.36.42
VTT – parcours (15 km and 30 km) start at the gite.
Trot by horse
The region is perfect for forest horse rides. Here you can stroll, trot, gallop or pass through fords… 
The serenity and diverse landscapes especially create a land of dreams for horse lovers.
  Within a 10 km radial distance, there are also merry-go-rounds. The closest ones include “Manège d’Hérock” and “Manège Western”.
Autumn, Christmas and New Year
Autumn through winter offers a special chance to wrap up inside the lodge. With two wood stoves, the lodge is ideal for an Autumn weekend or a week at the end of the year in front of a crackling fire…
Chevetogne Demesne
Adults consider this place to be a bit like heaven… Children are certain of it. Chevetogne, dream it, live it.
Namur Province
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